High Voltage Track & Field - Training for Excellence through Track and Field
The High Voltage Track Club was founded in 2005 in Seattle, WA by
Coach Johnnie K. Williams. All athletes who participate come from the suburbs and the inner-city of Seattle, WA. We are sanctioned by the National Governing body and its local Northwest Association for Track and Field.
We strive to promote excellence through Track and Field while building team, life and social skills.  We accept all youth 6 - 18 years of age, who are interested in improving their physical fitness, mental and teamwork skills through organized Track and Field competition.  We also strive to send each and every one of our athletes on their way with an memorable experience.
Since 2005, we have trained over 600 athletes as we have prepared several to receive Division I athletic scholarships .  We have successfully sent over 100+ athletes back home to Seattle with a medal from the National Competition.  The High Voltage Track has enabled our youth athletes to excel through Track and Field.  We are strong believers that a true Track and Field Program accepts any and all athletes who wish to better themselves through the sport.
The High Voltage Track Club is a nonprofit organization.  The coaching staff are all volunteers, which we believe in creating a community through Track and Field.  We also believe in volunteering our time while making it a positive experience.  For more information about us, please continue to browse, and thank you again for considering the High Voltage Track Club.
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